Monday, April 17, 2017

Blog 13 scout

1. Provide the updated computer drawing for your individual RG setup.
(Upload soon)
2. Explain your setup.
The transition of my circuit of the previous Rube goldberg circuit will lift a hoist off of a photo-sensor.  The photo-sensor is used as one of the two resistors in the non-inverting amplifier.  The voltages are close enough that once the photo sensor is given light that it then produces a high enough gain that it switched the relay.  The two outputs of the relay are connected to a diode, that is lit to show the relay hasn't switched yet. Once the relay is switched the rest of the circuit is activated. First the 7 segment display counter is activated and is counted from 1 to 9 and the motor will spin from 4 to 9.  There will be a 555 timer, 74192, xor gate, and 7447 decimal counter. The motor will spin lifting the gate which releases the ball.  As the ball falls, there a switch at the bottom which is activated when the ball hits it.  When that switch is tripped it will activate another motor dropping another ball which will hit a switch on mine and also hit another switch which activates the next circuit.
3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.

4. Provide at least 2 new videos of your setup in action, one being a failed attempt.

(Videos will be uploaded later)

5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?
A failure that I had to overcome was trying to find the right resistors for the photocell when exposing it to light.  At first, we couldn't find a good enough cover for resistor, but then when adjusted the resistors it worked correctly.
6. Group task: Explain your group RG setup.
Austins circuit will trigger mine by blowing a paper off of my photocell, which causes my relay to switch.  At the end of mine a ball will fall down a ramp running into Mohamed's lamp cause it to turn on which activates his.
7. Group task: Video of a test run of your group RG.


  1. I like the switches and golf balls. However, I want to see more complication in your both mechanical and electrical parts.
    Drawings are missing.

  2. I like how the final group test run is finally looking. The circuit and the mechanical are looking good. I had the same problem you were having with the photo cell and the resistor. It also took me a while to figure it out, but after I did the circuit started working flawlessly. Good job!

  3. Your circuit looks really cool! I like that you have a mechanical piece. It's kind of like mine. I also have a gate that will release a ball.

  4. i like your circuit and the final group test video, i think the mechanical part good for me and i think we need to test the golf ball to make sure that is going to make my lamp turn on.

  5. The circuit looks cool. I like how intricate it is. The multiple switches are cool. The mechanical aspect is definitely complicated!

  6. I like the circuit it looks complicated enough. The multiple switches with the ramp is a great idea. The video is awesome.

  7. I think that this circuit was very creative. Do you think you will have any trouble making the balls hit all of the switches? I am curious to see it in action. Very detailed circuit description.