Monday, April 17, 2017

Blog 13 Group 1

Blog 13
I (Austin) will begin the Rube Goldberg by turning on my power supply which will activate a motor at the top of a ramp which will pull a car with a piece of paper on top of it to cover up a photo resistor. Once this photo resistor is covered it will flip the relay powering the motor at the top of the ramp to the motor powering the lift. Once the lift begins to go up a cover uncovers another photo resistor which will flip a seperate relay to power the fan. The fan will blow a piece of paper off of Scout's photo resistor. This will switch a relay that will start an upward counting decimal counter. Once the decimal counter reaches number 4 using logic gates the first motor will run allowing a ball to fall down a mechanical contraption. Once the ball reaches the bottom of the contraption it will flip a switch. This will start another motor that will release a ball down a tube. This ball will hit another switch. This second switch will activate a lamp this lamp will activate a photocell for the following project.


  1. The transition was quite fast that I did not get to really see it. Scout, you need to make sure that your circuit will be triggered with Austin's.

  2. Looks good guys. My suggestion would be to do several trial runs in order to make sure that it will work during the demonstration. It seems to me the fan blowing the paper off will be the hardest part to get just right. I also am using a motor to lift an object. How did you get the motor to lift the weight effectively? I am having troubles with that.